One single tent in one great place..

You will be all alone on this 2000m2 private property!

"Lovely location with great host. Extremely cosy and clean with all the amenities you could possibly need" Full reviews here

Glamping Stockholm


"close to the nature in a comfortable way."

The idea for Sjobergs retreat was enlightened by Linda after having spent the wedding anniversary with her husband on a well known Glamping site in Stockholm archipelago. The family had also recently purchased their own nice piece of land on the island of Möja. While waiting for permits to demolish the existing old empty house and to build a new home of their dreams. It was decided to create a great Glamping place to share with paying guests. So this Glamping site is actually a time-limited "popup" Welcome to share this wonderful place with us if you appreciate living close to the nature in a comfortable way!

Glamping Stockholm archipelago

Linda Sjöberg


Linda Sjöberg was born and raised in a small country village called Brottby not too far from Stockholm. Lindas mother ran the local pizzeria, where Linda as a child spent a lot of time helping out in the kitchen.. This probably laid the ground for Lindas interest in the magic of cooking and baking. After finishing elementary school Linda went on to chef and restaurant school.. The working career has since then been straight on to the theme. Linda has experiences from well known restaurants in Stockholm, as well as managing her own restaurant and Yacht charter business for 15 years. Linda is also a graduated sommelier and fromager .

Sjöbergs retreat

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